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How hard is it to capture Sharon Stone or Tyra Banks looking glamorous? It's done all the time by a million different photographers. Personally, I'd rather focus on lesser seen aspects of their personality and hopefully bring them out for the viewer in an up close candid moment beyond the glitter. Whether it's showing Sharon Stone's wicked laugh and sense of humor or the child like playfulness of Benicio Del Toro, for me it's all about uncovering the humanity behind the packaged persona, the person rather than the pitched product. We've all seen Tyra Banks staring back from a thousand magazine pages in untouchable air brushed perfection, but I'd rather show her proudly sporting that rarely seen mole on her neck, beaming ear to ear just like the best friend you'd share a ride with to the mall. For myself I find that a more accurate portrait of her inner spark, thus the essence of a better portrait.


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Joe Arce